Our Mission


Our philosophy here at Blackbob Pet Hospital and Pet Resort is:

We are educators, healers, patient advocates, and compassionate caregivers who continually strive for excellence. We aim to educate and partner with our clients in the attainment of their pet’s health and comfort, and to prolong their pet’s health and well-being.

We live our mission by the core values of quality, compassion, integrity, attentiveness, education, and a fundamental love for animals.

*Quality-We aspire to provide our patients with the highest quality care to prevent illness by offering prompt and appropriate medical care to prolong their health and well-being, and to treat the ailments that arise over their lifetimes. We strive to offer friendly, prompt, considerate service to our clients, along with full explanations and discussions about our plans and thought processes for your pet’s care.

*Compassion-A genuine consideration of the feelings, concerns, and the needs of both of our clients and patients is infused into every interaction, recommendation, and medical plan of our doctors and staff.

*Integrity-Through honesty, thorough communications, and the everyday demonstration of our commitment by our actions, our team is dedicated to building trust and respect in all of our client relationships.

*Attentiveness-From the reception desk to the boarding kennel to the telephone follow-ups on each case, our aim is to acknowledge and recognize your needs and the needs of the beloved pets you entrust to our care. We strive to answer your questions clearly and completely, to provide timely and complete service, and to maintain a positive and friendly attitude. We are dedicated to creating a lasting bond with you and your pets.

*Education-We believe that knowledge and understanding are the building blocks for empowered and trusted decisions. We work to inform and explain our findings, diagnoses, and treatment plans, in order to empower you-our clients- to work with us in caring for your pet together as a team.

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