At Blackbob Pet Hospital, we strive to provide top quality surgical care for your pet. Our highly skilled veterinarians perform many types of surgical procedures in our surgical suite with the health, comfort and safety of your pet as our utmost priority. 

Before your pet’s procedure one of our staff will discuss your pets individualized surgical treatment plan. They will answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure. Paperwork for the procedure will be signed. 

Part of our commitment to your pet’s comfort and safety includes pre-anesthetic blood testing. We are checking to evaluate the liver and kidney ability to handle the anesthesia. We want to know their blood will clot at an acceptable rate and if there are any blood abnormalities. The blood testing will be reviewed and approved prior to surgery. 

Before anesthesia, a pre surgery evaluation will be done on your pet. Your pet will receive IV catheter and fluids-which supports internal organs that may be affected by anesthesia, maintains hydration and sustains normal blood pressure during and after the procedure. Customized pain control will be used for your pet’s individual procedure to provide the most comfort for your pet. A dedicated surgical nurse will monitor your pets heart rate, respirations, blood pressure and temperature throughout the surgical procedure. After the procedure, laser therapy may be used on the surgical site to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and pain, while enhancing tissue healing. 

We will call you when your pet is in recovery and set up a time for release and discuss discharge instructions. 

Dental cleaning patients are most often released the same day as their procedure. Spay and neuter patients spend a complimentary overnight stay and receive a post-operative evaluation the morning following their procedure. 

When you arrive to pick up your pet, one of the surgical nurses will go over the details of your pet’s procedure and the aftercare instructions for your pet.

Please give your pet no food and water after midnight the night before surgery. Surgery check-in is between 7:30-8am, the morning of the surgery.

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