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Thank you for choosing us for your pet’s care, their comfort and health is our upmost priority. When you arrive for your appointment a receptionist will inquire about any prior medical records you may have for your pet. While the receptionist adds the patient history a new client sheet will be given for you to complete. If you prefer to complete this information online please click here. The next step is getting an accurate weight of your pet. Your pet is weighed each visit as it provides an important piece of information in the picture of their health. If your pet has food allergies, please advise us when arriving. If able please bring appropriate treats for praise and reward.

Your nurse will bring you into the exam room and gather your pet’s history. Then the doctor will do a thorough examination, discuss your concerns or observations, and then discuss any recommendations. Please feel free to ask for a treatment estimate. Our entire team is here to help clarify any questions you might have. We believe that knowledge and understanding are the building blocks for empowered and trusted decisions. We work to inform and explain our findings, diagnoses, and treatment plans, in order to empower you- to work with us in caring for your pet together as a team.

After the visit concludes your nurse will check you out in the room for your convenience. We believe in pre-appointing your pet’s next prevention care appointment to keep them on track, since they age 7 years to our human year. An itemized receipt will be printed, we will ask if you have any further questions. If you need assistance to your vehicle please let any staff member know, we are happy to help! 

On your pet’s first visit with us there is some helpful information you can bring to give additional insight into your pet’s health.

Helpful items include:

  • Vaccination history
  • Medical records
  • List of prescriptions with dosage and frequency
  • Quantity of flea/tick/heartworm prevention you have left

We also recommend bringing in a fresh stool sample to check for intestinal parasites.

If you have any nutritional concerns or weight questions, please note this information about the food.

  • Brand
  • K/Cal (information on back of bag)
  • Amount being fed (please calculate with a measuring cup)
  • Frequency

Include the same information for any treats being given.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet! 

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